Thursday, 2 October 2008

Proud to be old...

As Pompey, (Portsmouth Football Club for those you are not into Football teams), are playing in the UEFA Cup tonight over in Portugal, thought I would share a double page layout, I did last year of Steven when he was chosen to be one of their mascots back in 2003.

I remember being quite pleasantly surprised when they rang, saying that the database has chosen him to be one of their mascots for the Leicester City game, then the panic set in, they didn't know about his special needs. So I told them that he cannot be left on his own, (even though he was 12 years old). I needn't have worried they were great, said I could have the kit before hand (usually all the mascots get changes in the changing room before the game, then the parents disappear till the end of the game) and I could stay with him the whole time, even walking out onto the pitch if need be.

They really put themselves out for us, making us fit in and so did all the other mascots, this is what is wrote on the page..

Saturday 29th November 2003
Steven was chosen to be a
Pompey Mascot
It was a rainy day so no pre-match kick around,
But in all a VERY emotional day,
with both Leicester City and Portsmouth supporters
giving him a standing ovation, as
we trailed behind the other mascots.
He held hands with no. 4 Boris Zivkovic
and shook hands with both
Teddy Sherringham and Muzzy Izzet
the captains.

We lost 2-0 but it was still a day to


It turned out that Steven was Pompey's first special needs Mascot

and I was their OLDEST, lol (and proud of it, lol)


sue-bubbles said...

Isnt this the team that beat my beloved Spurs last!!!
It is a wonderful layout Maria, you are a naughty girl for keeping them hidden away!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Thanks Sue, yes this is the team, lol,

the very team that has just gone into extra time in Portugal, Oh dear not so good,

Anonymous said...

Wow Maria why is this the first time weve seen them they are fab and such a lovely keepsake for Steven Im sure you were as proud as he was a very emotional day I bet.
Thanks for sharing them and we want to see more!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pages and memories, they are lovely. Jackie worcs :-)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Thanks jenni and jackie.

Susan said...

Such a nice story, makes a change from hearing people complain about footy supporters. I bet you were choked when he got a standing ovation.
Lovely layouts :)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Thanks Susan, yes it was a very emotional time...

Anonymous said...

wow what a day maria, you must have been so proud of him. it brought a lump to my throat reading about have been holding out on us with your work. your layouts are brilliant, they should be in docrafts gallery for everybody to see. gina xxxxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Thanks Gina and yes, it was a great day to remember, but as for my L/O, it's pretty plain and basic.