Wednesday, 1 October 2008

chilling out...

Well looked after Alfie yesterday, and yes went OK, we both survived, he did grizzle most of the time, but managed to get him to eat some finger foods and also have a nap, (OK that was while still holding his piece of toast and sitting in his highchair, lol).
Oh yes didn't get to watch any QVC through the day, think Clive was secretly happy though, in fact never saw any of craft day till late in the evening, saying that, it didn't stop me ordering the TSV and some rotating stamps, lol (but don't tell Clive, he he he, saying that he will be here when they get delivered, oh well that's life).

Had a few chilled out hours earlier this evening, as Steven went out with his sessional worker Claire for tea, (he goes out with her for 3 hours a week for social skills), we have been lucky we get this help. I use to use the time to take Sam to orthodontic appointments, help her with homework, do tea etc. so it didn't really feel that we had a break, but thank goodness those days are over now... basically now there is no need to take Sam anywhere as she can drive herself, and as for tea we eat what we enjoy and what I know Steven would not like, like HOT chilli tacos, OK Sam does not like it either, but at 21 feel she can sort herself out now and again, lol

So we can make the most of having a few free hours of not watching/entertaining Steven, Clive and I have it off to a 'T', he makes the chilli, while I do the yogurt herb dip and dice the cucumber, tomatoes and spring onions up for side dishes, you might think I get the easy job, but the dip is freshly made from the herbs from our garden, so they have to be picked washed and chopped, honest, OK I do buy the natural yogurt, (as gave my yogurt maker away a few years ago, lol) so I think Clive gets the easy part, lol.

By working together, we get time to sit down, relax, have some 'us' time and eat something we both enjoy, oh yes and enjoy a glass of wine (or two).

...and Steven gets to go out without his mum, which seeing by the way he runs out the house waving goodbye, think he enjoys a lot, lol


Susan said...

Haha that last bit made me laugh!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Yes, Steven can be a typical teenager sometimes, LOL

But at least I get a wave...