Saturday, 18 October 2008

Little Canada

Talking about Clive and I having our first break away together for a long time, bought back memories of Stevens first time away with the school last year.
That was over the I.O.W to a place called Little Canada, here's the double layout I did of some of the photos.
The post I wrote about Little Canada is here

His 2nd holiday with the school was again over the I.O.W back in May this year. This time it was to the UK sailing Centre, and he loved it. What made it special was that one of his closes friends also went.
I've not made a layout of that one yet, as still waiting for the photo CD from school, again posted about how I felt at the time which is here

Now with this holiday to Butlins, again it's special, in fact I feel it's an extra special one as it will be the one and (probably) the only time he will be away with both of his closest friends.
It also means a lot to 'us' parents of a 'special child' too, as with our older children they often go away or stay with their friends but we NEVER thought we could say that with our younger ones. Steven gets so excited when he sees his friends, we go bowling, to the gym, pub lunches etc. together, but never thought they would have a sleepover or holiday together without their parents.

So when I do a layout for this holiday it will be extra special as it will be the first and probably the last time the three go away together as even though the school are making this annual school trip for the 6th form, Nick leaves school next year and Steven and Chris in 2010.

so that is why 'us' parents are ALL skipping the country

but all in different directions, the others are off to Portugal and Barcelona, lol


sue-bubbles said...

What a lovely DLO Maria - lovely photos and perfect papers to scrap them!
Sue x

Anonymous said...

maria, your lo's are beautiful and bright. i love those colours. and beautiful photo's. im sure he will have a wonderful time. and so will you. gina xxxxxxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Thanks Sue and Gina, I did enjoy scrapping them, and Steven loves seeing pictures of himself and his friends.

Hopefully have some more to do very soon, lol.

Maria xx

Susan said...

Lovely LO's. I hope you all have a great time on your hols.

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Thanks Susan, hopefully we will,
Maria xx

Anonymous said...

I handed you a blog award over on my blog! Caroline x