Friday, 10 October 2008

who's MAKING who's BUYING??

Well have managed to do some scrapping this week, did my October calender page, finished one of Stevens pages, the 2008 Rock Challenge, AND also dug out my Christmas stash for my Christmas cards.

It's funny, was reading a post by jenni on do-crafts saying

"who's MAKING who's BUYING??

meaning who was buying or making their Christmas cards, well she mentioned she was using a kit from QVC the HOT of The Press Cardmakers Personal Shopper, where you get everything to make 88 cards, and I thought what a great idea, the kit sounded good.

It was only later while cooking tea, that I remembered I'd already had this kit had got it from QVC ages ago, and forgotten all about it, lol (don't laugh Susan, just cos you've started using your TSV)

So thanks to Jenni, have dug it out, and hoping to start my Christmas cards in the near future, lol.

so watch this space....


sue-bubbles said...

I have that HOTP kit from a couple of years ago too! I did make some nice cards with it at the time, but there is loads left - if only I could find it!
My vote was for 'Im buying', except for special people!
Sue x

Susan said...

I'm not laughing honest. I have FOUR previous TSV's that have never been used, one is about three years old!!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Ha Ha Sue, at least I could find mine,

AH... saying that, at least you did use it when you first got it, lol... more than I did.

Maria xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Oh Susan, I did laugh when I realized I had it, but pleased you're as bad as me, buying but NOT using, lol...

Maria xx

Anonymous said...

hi yes im so glad my post has reminded your of yet more stash!!

its actually a fab kit isnt it?

not that Susan would remember!!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

Yes it is jenni and thanks, just need the time now to use it... I've remembered I've got it, lol