Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Keeping myself busy..

Yesterday, had coffee morning with some mums from Stevens school, was not really in the mood for socializing, but was good to see them, all the same, then nipped over to Asda, then home again good job I bought a sandwich there, as remembered I was suppose to be giving blood in half an hour, so ate it on the way there. I tried to give blood 3 months ago, but because of our holiday last year (Eastern Caribbean cruise) they would not take it, as we had spent a day in Jamaica and in the October they had a malaria outbreak. So had to leave it 6 months from the time we were there. Today they successfully took it, with a bit extra for a malaria test, then it was back home for some housework.

Today nipped to the gym first thing, did an hour, then because of the rain we have had the ground is nice and soft, so dug the foundations for the bench I want to put by our pond. Just hope we don't have too much rain until I finish it otherwise, we will have a shallow swimming pool, LOL.
Popped round my sisters afterwards, for a well earned coffee, also to have a nose at her outfit for her son's wedding in 7 weeks, (the one Sam is being bridesmaid for). The home again to empty Steven cupboard of toys and to start having a clear out.

Noticed I have not said much about Steven, well that's because he is on his first school holiday, over the Island of Wight, now you know why I am keeping myself busy, so I don't worry. He is fine, as I have emails from them every day and photos and that is where I am lucky, Steven cannot lie, and in the photos he looks so happy and relaxed that I know he is, I miss him dreadfully, I have also heard from the Head of his school, as she lives over the Island so is popping in every day after work, to see them.
I have found it hard, but know it's for the best, he has to have a life with his school friends and also I have to learn to let go, Sam went on her first school Holiday in year 11 too, she went skiing in France. I try to treat them the same as much as I can, see both have gone on holiday across water, just Steven's one I can be there within 20 min's by hovercraft, LOL.
(He might be having a great time and doing fine, not sure about me though).


Susan said...

It must be really strange for you not having Steven there, I hope he is having a good time.
Well done for doing an hour at the gym, ten minutes would do me in LOL.

maria said...

Thanks Susan, he is fine, it's me and yes am finding it very strange, but he is back tomorrow, not that I am counting the days, LOL.
and yes was very good at the gym, I find it good for when I am wound up, I can take it out on the cross trainer rather than hubbby.