Thursday, 10 May 2007

Great News

Had double helping of news today.....

..the first was, we got results of Sam's lump and it's benign, which the Doctor thought it was, but was worth checking, (did you not hear my BIG sigh of relief), also the cut is so small and clean that Sam is over the moon, she was dreading it, as in 7 weeks time she is being a bridesmaid for the first time and was worried how it would look in the photo's (saying that no dress has been made, in fact we don't even know what style it's going to be).
and the second was, about the lady I spoke about with regards to the Rock Challenge, has got another job as a Deputy Head, I feel really chuffed for her, it was such an upset when she had to leave our school.

So all in all, been a very good day.


Susan said...

I am so pleased that the lump was benign, what a relief for you all.

maria said...

Thanks Susan, also pleased she is back to work, wore me out all that shopping with her, LOL.