Thursday, 17 May 2007

These boots were made for walking

Still trying to tidy Stevens room, found his first ever pair of Pair of Piedro boots

this morning in one of his memory boxes, it was size 20 the smallest they did then and can remember them looking so big on him, very smart though, did look a bit weired in the summer wearing them, but cute all the same, (especially with his big round glasses and his big grin) he is still wearing them now (not the same pair, LOL), but now he wears a size 46, but has the sides and eyelets strengthened, also specially made sole/heal and insoles, we are also lucky to have the trainers too.

as it was difficult when he only had one pair and they got wet or sent off to be re-healed.

When he got his first pair, he could not even walk, he took his first steps at 3 1/2 when we were caravaning in France, memories what would we do without them, well better get back to it, he'll be home before I've finished, LOL.

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Susan said...

The trainers look nice, I can remember when Dawn could only get the boots - they were red ones - and she must have felt really hot in the summer.