Sunday, 6 May 2007

Me again...

Hi sorry not been around, unlike someone I know has been swanning around Centre Parks, I've been running around my daughter, she had to go in and has a lump removed from her shoulder, nothing bad just a Intracuavicular Fossa, she had one taken from her side 2 years ago. We were lucky it was via Bupa (saying that, not so lucky with the cost) so it was in one day, out the next and he did a fantastic job, making the cut so it would go under her bra strap, the last one he did, he put in the crease of her side and she feels able to wear bikinis no problem. So maybe the cost is worth it.

You ask why we went via Bupa, well the first lump we were under the NHS and they were great, we were told that it would be best to have it removed as it would get bigger,
but there was a 6 month waiting as we lived outside the Hospital area, (even though it was where we were sent by our Doctor) anyway that was fine with us, but then I'm told as she would be 16 by then, she would have to go on the adult waiting list of 2 years, but until she was 16 they could not put her name down, I think this was called a 'no win' situation, by now the lump was the size of an egg, very noticeable.

Well hubby had been working for the past 11 years and Bupa was part of his payment, great we thought, but hubby had decided to quit his job to start up his own company, which meant we were only covered for another 2 weeks. Both our Doctor and Bupa were great we manged to get the op in 2 days before he left his job, she had the op on the Wednesday, came out on the Thursday and hubby finished work on the Friday. so the op was covered but not the follow up treatment which meant we had to join Axa PPP our selves, so good bye to £800, we then look it up the following year to be on the safe side and then had no choice to do it again as our year ran out 2 days before her op, by now the policy is up to nearly £1,500 this year.

Susan at the moment I think you have the better deal, spending money on Holidays with you friends, as not only are we paying for Bupa, Sam has some how conned me into buying her a new 'girly' wardrobe, yet more expense, who ever said kids are expensive, were not kidding.

Now can I afford the scrap book TSV tonight?


Susan said...

Do you want to swap LOL? You know what they say about the grass being greener....
Glad Sam is okay, I am such a coward when it comes to hospitals etc

maria said...

Thanks Susan, Sam's fine, back to work on Monday, and I know what you mean about the grass being greener, sorry, your holiday did sound FAB though, why can't life be simple, so we can have it all, LOL