Monday, 14 May 2007

Started the ball rolling.....

...well, have been phoning around to see about Wills, trusts and Enduring Power of Attorney prices, it's surprising how different they are between each Solicitor, (for the EPA prices, are from £150 to £300 at the Solicitors and £39.95 on the Internet, all exclusive of VAT too), I've only phoned ones that have been recommended by others, as we need one that knows about Special Needs, (so that's the Internet out, LOL), now hubby and I have to sit down and decide which one to go with.

Sounds funny, but I'm pleased I have got the ball rolling, been putting it off for years, but as the children are getting older (and us of course) you know you cannot keep putting it off. Then again probably will regret it when we have to sit down and work out what/how/who, etc. and then the size of the bill at the end, as not a straight forward one cos of Steven, but at least it will save Sam having to deal with it if need be.

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Susan said...

You are very sensible, I hope you have LOTS of happy years ahead, but like you say it will make things easier for Sam.