Monday, 21 May 2007

No Luck...

..with 'mind you own business' plant,
went to 3 different garden centres, and came out £7 lighter in the 2nd and £39 in the 3rd, nothing to do with me, all Clive's doing on other plants, saying that in the 3rd one, it also had Craft Central there, so just had to have a little nose, bought a couple of scrapbook papers, they were soooooo.. pretty, luckily as I had Steven with me, could not have a good look around.

Got a busy week, got 3 appointments either with or for littlen this week, then the Tweenies live on stage on Friday, also it being half term next week have to have all paper work and business up to scratch, so it's going to be a little quite on here for the next few weeks, lucky you...


Susan said...

What a strange name for a plant!!
Can you imagine someone admiring it in your garden "Oh that looks nice, what's it called?"
"Mind your own business!"
"Well I was only asking, no need to get shirty".

maria said...

Hi Susan, more fun when you go to a garden cente and they ask if they can help and you say 'Mind your own business'.
Also I had funny looks when I asked if they had a 'Magic Carpet' (another plant Clive wanted), cannot print the answer I got from them, LOL.