Sunday, 20 May 2007

Mind your own business

Again a lovely day today, manged to get most of Stevens washing done and out on the line yesterday and hope to finish it today for when I do the ironing, which I only do once a week, so if it's not washed and dry by tonight, it will have to wait to be ironed next Sunday.

Have been making the most of the weather, finished laying the slabs and cemented them in yesterday evening, looking good if I say so myself, Clive had to help, as now littlen is home, we have to take turns in keeping an eye on him and keeping him amused.

Think we might nip out to the garden centre as Clive is after a 'mind you own business' plant for his railway, (yes we have a 'G' scale round way going all round the side and back garden), well it keeps him out of trouble and Steven loves watching them.

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Susan said...

You are good having a set ironing day - I put mine off as long as possible! Usually get it done when Dawn Bibby is on LOL.