Sunday, 28 September 2008

another good result

WOW, would you believe this weather, you would never believe it's nearly October, with the sunshine and warmth we are having at the moment, hopefully 2 of my friends that are on their holidays in England, have the sun shinning where they are too.

Well Steven and I went to our 2nd footy game today and our 2nd win, we beat Spurs 2-0, sorry Sue, he he he

What a lovely day, it takes us about 40 mins to walk down to Fratton Park, this time Clive pushed Steven going there and I pushed him coming back, as Clive did the whole lot last time, but found he's back hurt for a few days afterwards, so he actually listened to me to split it this time, lol.

Think next time we go, will take the camera as so close to the players might be able to get a couple of good shots for a nice L/O, in fact must take some photos of the double L/O I did of Steven when he was their mascot back in November 2003, to put on my blog for you all to see, as another one of my proudest moments of Steven.

Well it's Sunday evening and I know what that means, ironing. I've done it on a Sunday evening for years, hubby baths and puts Steven to bed, while I watch a DVD and do the ironing, in fact I only do the ironing once a week, so if it's not washed and dried by Sunday, then it has to wait till the following Sunday, lol. Sometimes it takes me an hour or two another time I can be at it for 4 hours plus, depends on the week we've had..... think of me tonight, with an iron in one hand and a glass of rose in the other, lol...


sue-bubbles said...

Gloating...and mentioning the dreaded 'I' word all in one post...tut tut Maria lol!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Sorry Sue, on both accounts, LOL.

Anonymous said...

oh maria, you know you love ironing. you save it up all week so you have the pleasure of having 4 hours worth, all in one go. lol gina xxxxxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Oh Gina, you did make me laugh,

saying that I do enjoy watching a DVD in peace, Clive and Sam alway seem to disappear ironing night, lol.