Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Sam's 21st Pub Crawl

Thought you might like to see a piccy of us before Sam went on her pub crawl back in August, (remember the theme was silly hats or wigs), lol...

You have 'me' in the rasta hat,
Matt in the sailor outfit,
Sam in her glamour wig and outfit,
Clive in the Afro wig and wearing the wooden tie that I bought him for his Birthday, (well what else can you give a hubby that has everything!!!),
Shane, (my nephew) in the star wars outfit and trying out the local booze, lol
and in the front you have Steven is the Scottish wig/hat....


Susan said...

Haha, you all look like you were having a good time, great wigs!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

It was fun, until we were asked if Steven was 18, lol