Friday, 12 September 2008


Well so much for keeping up with the new look, we've had nothing but trouble with our Internet, it keeps disappearing, lol

So not a good start, we are with Virgin, but the last 6 weeks or so has made us think about changing, others cannot have the trouble we are having. I know my blogging is for fun, but Clive needs the computer for his work, I also do the money on it, (I always like to check my bank accounts every week without fail, to make sure that theres been no transactions I don't know about), I also organize bowling and gym clubs for a group of special needs children and their mums, so need to email them of when and where I have booked it, so I have been finding it a real pain, when I go to do the paperwork/emails, or Clive is waiting for an important email, that the connection goes, arrrrrrrrrrrrh

I have managed to do a few crafty orders over the Internet when connected though, and it all has arrived safe and sound, even the scallop die from America. Oh yes and my last auto delivery of the DCWV Winter kit form QVC came today, and it's scrummy, lol pleased I went for the auto delivery, the only trouble is not touched anything of the other 2 as yet, whoops.

Now it's finding the time to use some of it....

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