Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Only another 17 to use......

Back in January this year I orderd these scrapbooks, as I thought they were cute and useful, well they've been sitting in my cupboard all that time till July this year, when I actually parted with one.

One of the assistants in Stevens school was retiring, so thought it would be nice to give her a one of the little books with some photos of past and present pupils in it. I found is very hard, as never done a scrapbook for anyone before and was not sure how she would take it, as some of the pupils are no longer with us.

The lady in question has been a part of our lives since Steven started school back in 1995, as she was one of the assistants in his first class and luck would have it, she was working with him when she retired in July (Steven now being in the 6th form).

Was a little worried how she would take it, so left it at reception to pass onto her, as we had already said our goodbyes at the prom the week before.

Well I had nothing to worry about, as she loved it, I had a lovely notelet from her thanking me for it saying...

what can I say about my album, it touched my heart, as I know how much 'you put into it'. I cried when I look at the 'old pictures', especially of 'K' & 'E' [2 pupils that are sadly no longer with us] as I didn't have any of these. I have shown it to some of the old girls who left before me & we shared 'a few sentimental moments'. I saw the pictures of Steven and me at the prom, it was a bit of a shock to see how he has grown up so much as I have known him and you all so long, his a very special young man and I so wish him well for the future. Thank you once again Maria, I will always treasure your gift.

The nice thing is now that she is not connected to the school we can meet up, in fact we met up for lunch last Friday with a other few mums from school.

I think since having Steven, it has made me see things differently, you appreciate life for one and I have met and made some wonderful friends.

The funny thing was I was talking to another member of the school staff the other day, and I was telling her how I've had lunch with a few ex- school staff, and she asked if she could join 'us mums' when she is longer attached to the school lol... she misses the contact of parents since the school changed in 2006.

Slide show to follow hopefully...


sue-bubbles said...

Its so lovely when your work is appreciated like that isnt it touching her note is! It makes us realize that there is more to scrapping than hoarding pretty paper - its all about memories and sharing them with others. I look forward to the slide show!
Sue x

Hi I'm Maria... said...

Thanks Sue, must admit it did make me feel good, as I never really given any of my work away before.

Susan said...

I bet that is one of the nicest presents she has ever been given. So thoughtful of you :)
And it is really nice that you can meet teachers out of school seeing as they are such a part of your child's life.