Thursday, 4 September 2008


Well not in any particular order, whats been happening...

We got our Holiday in Wales, we were very lucky with the weather, visited lots of places, saw lots of steam trains, bridges, pub lunches and teas and some of the views were out of this world...

....and surprisingly we had a house to come back to, Sam never burnt it down, lol.

Have finished decorating the lounge/dining room, saying that still got the pictures to go up, but cannot decide on the right frames yet.

Sam reach 21, she did not want a party, on her Birthday which was mid week, went out for a Chinese with her boyfriend, my mum and dad, Seven, Clive and myself, which was nice.
On the weekend after her Birthday, she and loads of her friends from school, college and work met up and went on a pub crawl, dressed in hats and wigs. We popped along to the first pub to celebrate with her, but then came home, seeing Steven is under age, lol.

We celebrated our 23rd Wedding Anniversary, (you get less for murder, lol) Clive and I went out for a Mexican, which was lovely, the last time it was just the two of us for a meal on our Anniversary, was in 2001, so thought it was over due.

We got through the summer Holidays, with the help of Play scheme, bus rides, walks, drives in the car and of course pub lunches.

Cannot remember if I told you Clive had lost the grand total of 4 stone, which is fantastic news, he has gone down 2 sizes on his top half, but a grand 4 sizes on his bottoms, we have not really watched what we've eat for about 3 months, just still eating healthy, and has lost another 2 pounds, (he weighs himself once a week, to keep an eye on it).

We went to my great Nephews Christening which was lovely, we were lucky it was a lovely sunny Sunday, the service was lovely and the food was great, even Steven was quiet in the church, (thank goodness).

Haven't really done much scrapping or card making, but have my head busy with ideas for Christmas, that I hope to start very soon, also going to get Clive to show me how to down loads things on here, so it might be a bit more enjoyable reading, lol.

Back in June I did start 'scrap the date' so on the 20th of the month, I take photos and journal of what I get up to, on that particular day, so might start with taking photos of the layouts I've done so far to show you.

I still visit 'do crafts' web site, well only really the scrapping side, it's quite a nice friendly side, I still talk to a lady from when I first joined back on the 8th May 2004 and have made a lot of new ones since.

Well cannot think of anything else for now....


Susan said...

Clive has done so well with his weight loss, Graham has been on the treadmill virtually every day but hasn't lost much weight at all bless him.

Hi I'm Maria... said...

That can be upsetting, at least Graham is exercising.

Clive does walk everywhere when he can, but you won't get him on a treadmill.