Saturday, 13 September 2008

five years and 4 months...

....that's how long Steven was on the waiting list for a season ticket for Portsmouth Football Club...

Today we went to our first home game being season ticket holders, (we missed the first game of the season which was against Man U, as Steven was at respite, and as he only gets 28 days a year there, thought it would be wrong to cancel, as he loves going there too).

Our seats are just to the side of the goal down the Fratton end, and we were lucky there were 3 goals in the game and all down our end, the only trouble with that is, not only are you watching the ball wishing it either to go in the net or miss (depending which teams scoring) but also watching the ball does not come past the net straight at Steven, as he is not quick enough to protect himself.

Also think we have been spoilt after going to Wembley to see the FA Cup, as the disabled places are actually up about 20 rows, so you are looking down on the pitch, which means you can see all the game and there is no chance of getting hit by the football, oh well we can always dream of getting our new pitch, lol

OH YES it was our first home win, 2-1 against Middlesbrough (sorry Middlesbrough fans)

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