Saturday, 6 September 2008

Heath Pond

The weather has not been good here in good old England, did see some of the news last night, showing the people in Wales, some getting hit real hard, I did feel for them, we've been lucky down here in the South.

Today feels and looks more like an December day instead of early September, but we braved the elements and went for a walk round Petersfield Heath Pond,

we started off in the dry, but then the heavens thought they would open for us, lol. Saying that, it didn't stop Steven and myself giving the round-about a quick go...

Oh well, whats a bit of rain between friends, we then stopped off at Petersfield at a Costa Coffee, and had a lovely hot cup of coffee and sandwich, it was a nice end to the walk, if I say so myself,

then came home, stopping off at Staples as needed some ink for the computer, as still got my 'scrap the day' photos to print off.

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