Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Busy Day

Well had a productive but tiering day today, started off putting littlen on the bus, then shot off straight to the gym, did 30 mins on the cross trainer, 10 mins on the treadmill and finished off with the full weights routine.

Came home cleaned the new ceiling and coving with sugar soap mix, had shower, hung some washing up outside (another lovely day again), shot down town to get hubby The Kinks CD (for tomorrow) also Steven has been invited to an 18th Birthday party on Saturday, and another friends daughter is 17 on the Sunday, so nipped in a few shops to find some girly bits.

Off to Asda to do my food shop (that I did not do yesterday), came home, put it away just in time to pick littlen up off the bus. Then it was Steven's time... he uses his PECS in the same way every time he comes in the house, I want apple, I want crisps, I want banana, I want drink, then I want drink (again) then I want video, so it's up and down and in and out the kitchen, till he is sorted, by then it was 4.30 and Claire (his sessional worker) was here to take him out for tea.

So after waving him off, got the washing in, changed into the work clothes, and sealed the ceiling with a '1 to 5' PVA mix. Quick shower again, then started tea, Clive did a chilli, while I went outside and pick some fresh mint, parsley and chives for a yogurt dip, diced up some tomato, spring onions and cucumber for the tacos, and sat down and had tea with Clive (Sam at college) finished tea just in time as Steven was home, sat down and watched Balamory with him, before giving him a shower, then Clive put him to bed, while I nipped out and picked Sam up from college, came home tidied the kitchen, sat down had quick chat with Sam, then sorted out the paper work for the Serena (that we have to take with us on Friday). Just made Clive a card for tomorrow, well with me I always leave things to the last minute, so now about to get the breakfast and lunch bits sorted for tomorrow.

So off to well deserved bed, as hoping to do roughly the same tomorrow, the gym, 2nd seal on the ceiling, decorating shopping, dropping off one of the birthday presents, also got my mum and dad popping in, phone calls to vets, Stevens gym etc. etc. so night...

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Susan said...

Wow I feel dizzy just reading about everything you do in a day!