Saturday, 23 February 2008

Think I've lost it!!!!!

In an earlier post 'In shock' I said romance was not dead even after nearly 20 years of marriage, sounds OK but we've been married 23 years in August, LOL...

All I can think of is that it's been so lovely that some of the years rolled into one (or 3 in this case), lol. The reason I remembered was talking to someone the other day, saying 2010 is a BIG year for us, starts off with,...

My nephews 30th Birthday in the April
My mum and dads 50th wedding Anniversary in the May,
Clive's 50th Birthday in June
Steven leaves school in the July for good (am not really looking forward to that one though),
Our 25th Wedding Anniversary in the August
My nieces husband, will be 40 in the September.

Thinking that about it, it was the year 2000, when it was another BIG family year, as all the Birthday people were 10 years younger, also my daughter was 13 and my niece was 18 in the Sept.

That was the the year we all went on a BIG family holiday to Orlando, it was my children's first time aboard, I know!! they were deprived as Sam turned 13 while on holiday and Steven was 9 1/2, and lots of people take their children a lot younger than that, when they are babies in fact, but we could never really afford it, and I won't borrow money to go on holiday, we only go when I've saved the money up. Since that first time, we tend to do a BIG holiday every 3 years (that's how long it takes me to save for them, LOL) and little ones in between,

In 2003 (the year Sam left school) we went back to Orlando for a week, we also swam with the dolphins while there, then flew up to San Fransisco, stayed there for 4 days and did all we wanted there, then flew on to Hawaii, which was fab, out of this world, am hoping to go back there.

Then in 2006 did a Caribbean cruise which took in Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Haiti and Mexico, the latter two did not do anything for us, but would LOVE to go back to the Grand Cayman, and parts of Jamaica (Steven was poorly there so did not see everything we wanted to).

As yet this year has not been sorted, but to be honest now Sam is older (but mainly because she's got rid of that boyfriend) we don't mind leaving her here alone, so think we will take things as they come along, also with Sam I never took her out of school for holidays, but with Steven it's a little different, as he's learning 'social skills' all the time, especially when we are out and about, so he is always learning either while he is at school or with us, also if the place is less busy, he learns more.

There are things and places on my 'to do' list like.... see New York, go through the channel tunnel, Copenhagen, Portugal to name just a few, so we'll just have to wait and see what comes along.

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Susan said...

2010 seems like ages away but it's not really is it? How fast the years go by when you are an adult!