Saturday, 16 February 2008

In shock

Clive and I only sometimes do Valentines, (used to when we were courting, always red roses), but now we look it as too commercial, sometimes I make the odd card and if Clive happens to be at a shop and remembers gets me one, but it's not a thing that worries either of us if the other forgets.

Well this year, as I said in another post, I made hubby one, and also got him a CD he wanted, (nothing to play it one as our CD player is broken, LOL) but this year he went into a little sulk as he thought we were not remembering. I told him the only reason he got the CD now, was because he might be working away soon, and I thought it would be nice having the CD before going (Birthday not till June), and the card, well I was just in the mood for making a card, was suppose to be making an 18th (as Steven had a 18th disco to go to).

Well I thought Clive was happy with this answer, as we carried on with the day with nothing else being said about it, then after Clive put Steven to bed, he was up on the computer as usual, after a while he came down and ask where my 'foldy thing' was, meaning the card scorer, then ask where some glue was, all the time telling me not to look at what he was doing on the dining room table, (that does not sound too good, does it, LOL).

Anyway, Clive had made me a card, first time ever, after all the times of saying, why do I bother, when you can buy them for half the price and time (yes with what I buy, it would have worked out a lot cheaper, if I had never started buying craft things, it fact could have done a holiday abroad easy LOL).

The card was a picture of Clive and myself taken at our formal dinner on the cruise we went on a few years back, he had put a couple of lines on his chin (making him look like a dummy) with the words underneath saying,

"Having to 'break in' a new ventriloquist's dummy, was not the ideal start to Maria's showbiz career..."

Do you know what, that card bought tears to my eyes, it meant so much to me, saying that, not only had he made me the card, but earlier that day, Clive scraped the ice off his own car, while I was taking Steven to the school bus, so I could come back get straight in the car and get to the gym. (I DON'T do ice scrapping, as my car is always in the garage, so does not get frosty).

So to me that was a perfect Valentine day, as to me the little things, like the scrapping the ice and making me the funny little card, means that love is still alive with us, even after nearly 20 years of marriage.

Trouble is, have since told Clive, that he is going to have to make my Mothers Day and Birthday cards now, no excuse for forgetting, LOL

......not sure if he still loves me now.....

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Susan said...

That is so sweet that he made you a card, how lovely :)
For years I have told Graham not to bother with Valentines Day so this year he listened to me and didn't buy me anything - I was a bit sad!! poor bloke can't win LOL.