Monday, 18 February 2008

Well we did it!!!!

Signed our wills that is, you cannot say I rush into things can you, as I first thought about making a will (mainly because of Steven) back in September 2001, in fact I organized a speaker to come and talk about wills and trust funds at Steven's school. Quite a few parents/carers did turn up and even made appointments to get their wills sorted, but me, well I kept leaving it, I suppose hoping it will go away, always finding excuses Clive away, Steven around, cannot think of who to name etc.

I even went to a talk with another mum in September 2006, yep still no time to sort it out though, but then with all the 'Enduring Power of Attorney' changing last October, and if we did not go for it then, it would work out even more expensive that it already was.

So last August got the ball rolling, well still kept putting it off the actual signing, but there is a chance that Clive might have to work away so thought better do it now, otherwise another 6 months will go by, LOL. So even though it's half term, and had Steven home, went for it and did it.

I think all along it's the reading and sorting out what will happen to Steven when we go, we both find it very difficult thinking about it, find it very depressing, but it's done now, when we get the copies and invoice through the post, will bring it all back, but then we can forget about them, as hopefully they will not be needed for a VERY VERY long time to come...

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Susan said...

I hope you have left me all your stash LOL.