Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Change of plans

Well the idea for today was, after putting Steven on the school bus, to come home, do some washing, tidy up, sort out the porch for charity bag (have not had another one in yet, but wanted to be ready, as you never know what might stop you doing it on the day, LOL)
do a 2 weeks menu (as half term next week), shopping list, shopping and put away, well...

...it started off OK, managed to do some tidying up while doing 3 loads of washing, making the most of the weather and getting some hung outside, did the menu's and shopping list, then I suggested to Clive about having a quick look at a Nissan note and Honda jazz, as I had been reading up on them.

Not sure if I've said before, but have had a Nissan Serena for the last 7 years, a great car, but feel it's too big for just nipping round town now, since we got rid of the caravan, and Sam has grown up, (as used to take her and her friends out on school days off) and apart for a new tyre and a couple of bulbs, never paid out on it. I loved the idea of the sliding doors that it had, but that limited to what I could get. I took a dis-like to the Kangoo and the Berlingo, I don't know why, just did not feel right, hard to explain as I've seen them driving around and thought they were the answer but when I went and actually looked in one, just did not have that "feel". So last night thought it was time to change the 2lt, 7 seater car, but as never had any problems thought would stay with a Japanese make, so started nosing on the internet and came up with the 'note' and 'jazz', so hence, Clive was free and thought we could fit looking (and getting a feel of) the cars and see if the wheelchair would fit in the boot, as it would not be worth looking any further if it did not, well...

...we went to Nissan first as it was nearest and looked at the 'note', nice car, but felt it was not much different in length to my Serena, so that one went out the window, which meant the 'Jazz' which was round about the same size would be too, so I thought back to the drawing board. While walking back to the car, saw the new shaped Micra, (Clive has the old shape, nice little car, I love nipping round town in it), then noticed they had 5 door ones, thought hang on here they are quite nifty cars to drive, so first of, went through MY checked list...

the mileage, (just over 6,000. not to bad, was a year old),
5 doors,
3 proper seat belts at the back,
air conditioning,
wheelchair fitted in the boot,
and lastly the main thing, "it felt so good to sit in",

so yes all "MY" boxes ticked, colour was nothing special, think they call it metallic silver, but I call it dirty Grey, so instead of doing a food shop, bought a car instead, LOL.

Felt we had got a good deal on my Serena, (which is 10 years old, and full of dents) first time Clive and I have ever haggled before, but felt we had nothing to lose, as it's not as if we were desperate for a car. Was talking to a friend this evening, she has just changed her car and only got £2,000 more than we did for her 3 year, hardly no dents in, car, so felt quite chuffed, as Clive and I set on a price between us, but then decided to push our luck and haggled a bit and managed to get it £300 less than we planned, so I'm one chuffed so and so at the moment (smug look on face). We collect it Friday at 12.30.

The only down side is, still have to fit in the food shop, not one of my 'loves', bit like the ironing, as no sooner than you do it, it's needs doing again, how dare they eat the food I buy, LOL.

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Susan said...

Ohhh a new car - exciting! hope you are enjoying it :)