Wednesday, 27 February 2008

no hubby...

It's been a busy few days, hubby left to work in Swansea on Monday, has not been too bad, apart from littlen on Monday, kept calling his dad and was a little disappointed that he was not here, but yesterday and today, has been fine, trouble is he is due home again tomorrow and away again next Monday, so think the next 8 weeks are going to be fun.

The other thing I find is had a vets visit (20 mile round trip) and had to take Steven with me, also tonight when Clive is normally putting him to bed, I will have to drag him out to pick Sam up from college. Could be worse, he is not having too many paddies, I try and get his mind off them, by asking if to do or find something, sometimes it works, other times it don't, saying that it could be because he is getting most of my attention as hubby not here.

I've had a head cold since Saturday evening, but am feeling better today, got a lovely red sore nose though. It was great fun as this week managed to paint the ceiling, (five coats in all), so I've done a good workout with going up and down the ladder for a tissue, and drink, then the loo, and of course the paint, surprisingly I never had the time or energy for the gym. Saying that I did go today, but stuck to the treadmill and some weights as don't think my arms could cope with the cross trainer. Am hoping to go for a little workout again tomorrow before coming back to paint the coving, then that will be the dining area ceiling and coving finished, HOORAY I say, as a little rest from painting, as the lounge has not been done yet. Not managed to fit the plaster in as half term, appointments etc. saying that got appointment as school on Friday, hence why I'm going to the gym again tomorrow, as when I logged in today, I had not been since the 14th Feb. Well it's because of half term and I was doing other things like, bowing, the penny arcades, visits to bottle banks, and the best, pub lunches with Steven, well we've out grown McDonald's, lol.

While I'm typing this, I have Steven lying across me, watching Balamory, great the one day I have to keep him up, he is tired, why is it always the way, he could be in bed by now and I could be making a Mothers Day card. Also mums Birthday on the 14th March, in fact have 7 Birthdays next month, oh well, that's life, going to see if I can incise him into playing with his cars to wake him up a bit.

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Susan said...

Hope your cold is better, sounds like you have been very busy.